Cultural Community «DuleMilosavljevic» was founded in 1934. as orchestral and vocal sections of the Cacak Railway. Since 1947, ŽKUD «DuleMilosavljevic established the first folk groups in the town of Cacak and Morava district, which has been continuously. The main objective is the preservation of folk traditions, songs and dances from all over Serbia. ŽKUD «DuleMilosavljevic» currently has 400 members, divided into several ensembles. In recent decades, ŽKUD «DuleMilosavljevic  has performed at many festivals, both at home and abroad, successfully representing our cultural heritage.

Our group deals with the preservation of Serbian traditional culture from the territory of the Balkans where the Serbs live.

ŽKUD «DuleMilosavljevic  is the quality of the work was awarded several times and winner of numerous national and international awards.

In these eighty years of existence, through the various sections of the KUD’s been a lot of members, great opera singers, Serbian rock legend, folk performers,and many others.